Signs like 11:11 are great affirmations but sometimes, don't you wish you can get a clearer message from the higher realm?  

What if you can open your spiritual channels further, safely and confidently?

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Yes! Teach me how to Channel like a High Priestess!
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Divine Protection

Apply the 4 crucial steps that you must take to start every channelling session with divine protection and clear messages 

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Sacred Healing

Disover which animal totems are helping you with your inner work to transform blockages so you can be a clear vessel of love and light

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Eternal Wisdom

Learn the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to channelling with the higher realm and harness your gifts appropriately

Hi Goddess,


Are you an intuitive empath who wants to build a career as a healer by opening up your spiritual channels with more clarity and confidence so you can help others while doing what you πŸ’– love?


Maybe you have already started manifesting your heart aligned business as a lightworker but it's time to advance your skills to 🀲 serve your clients at a deeper level.


 Let's remove restrictive beliefs around your purpose, Embrace the authentic woman who clearly knows whatπŸ’ƒπŸ» her soul wants to do and be, and isn’t afraid to tell people so.


Fully come out of your spiritual closet and Turn Up your βœ¨ LIGHT! Like celebrated motivational speaker Lisa Nichols said, if they can't handle your light, hand them some shades πŸ˜‰ No more dimming your light to please others, you are a leader of the new earth!


Learning how to channel πŸ™ and connect with the higher realm will help you get to the next chapter of your divine destiny with more ease and grace. 


It's time for you to accelerate your spiritual growth, unleash your inherent gifts and get clear on who you are and what you are meant to do. 

Open your heart β€οΈ to receive more sacred abundance, flow, and pleasure!  


Yes! Teach me how to Channel like a High Priestess!
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Yes! I am ready for a high frequency upgrade!
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Tiffany Tin is a certified meditation facilitator and Reiki Master who has worked with hundreds of clients, hosted 250+ workshops, classes, and sold out retreats. She helps spiritual women become healers by harnessing their inherent healing abilities to launch their purpose aligned healing business in the High Priestess Ascension Academy.    

She offers a variety of services ranging from from energy healing, channelling with spirit guides, past lives integration, shadow work, inner child work, womb healing and much more.   

Before starting her own business, she struggled with depression and social anxiety. Through her own healing she traded in her business suit to follow her purpose and now helps helping thousands of people live with passion. 

She has been featured on Wisdom from North, Awakening Entrepreneur, Eleven Eleven TV, The Breakdown Show, Echo Movement, Soul Movement, and Popvilla. She has an international audience through her YouTube Channel.  

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